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by beginningstoendings

I really do think that a lot of my writing is pretty damn good.  I’m good.  I am a good writer and I know what I’m talking about.  New, fresh and interesting.  What’s that called again?  Positive attraction?  Positive visualization?  Whatever is playing on my mental videotape would definitely be some sort of independent art film.

They say you have to see yourself as a success, see yourself succeeding and then you will succeed because you’ve imagined the end result.  If you imagine the positive conclusion and it’s a conclusion that you can create then it is actually a conclusion that you’ve already created.  Predestined success.  Though I don’t actually believe any of this crap I think I could write some new age self help books.  They sell really well and they’re easy to write because essentially you tell people to keep doing exactly what they’re already doing but also put an inspirational quote on their bathroom mirror.  People love that stuff.  I’m practically published already.