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by beginningstoendings

This city is always distorting the truth.  The homeless problem is one lie and the environmental, preservationist façade is another.  I think the only reason people believe Vancouver is such a green city is because any building not made of glass is totally held together by moss and mould—there aren’t really a lot of trees or greens spaces in the city proper.  I guess it must have been a brainwave of the 80’s that made every architect and their dog decide to design the downtown in pane after pane of strictly blue and green colored glass.  A professor I had, one who taught earthquake technology, or some other disaster related science said that Vancouver, along with the rest of the West coast will eventually be destroyed by a massive earthquake, most likely sucked into the ocean with tidal waves, the type that can only be stopped by the mountains that rise to the East.  It’s a good thing then that the city is made of brutally sharp building material.  When those puppies shatter, the downtown will totally blender the citizens out on the street: thousands of people massacred as their over-priced condos blow apart and cut them into ribbons with a downpour of broken aquamarine colored glass.

6:15, I should get up.



6:20, no really, I should get up.