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by beginningstoendings

The ludicrous timing of the message did oddly cheer me up however because I love a little irony.  Maybe I’m bluffing?  I say out loud that it cheered me up, speaking up towards the ceiling of my apartment.   I don’t think I quite believe it myself.

This Dan Mc-whatever rejected the poetry in such a way as to try and not make me hate him—telling me that the work is good.  He did also essentially say that I was ugly.  Kill them with kindness I guess, never burn a bridge.  Who knows when they might be famous and you’ll have to call in the “favor” you did for them by being the first to reject their work and insult them outright.  You pushed them to work harder so they really owe their success to you.  Right?  I drink more water.  Evidently writers fall into two categories: the first is the ones who can actually write (Margaret Atwood and her buddies).  Their book jacket pictures always depict a moody, high contrast image of a bespectacled academic in a big sweater and scarf.  They usually look stern: furrowed brows heavy with the vast amount of knowledge they’ve accrued by studying obscure subject matter or sometimes (and this is usually the case for the women) they’re shown with a mischievous smile—they’re smarter than you and they know it.  The second category is all the hot authors like Lauren Weisberger and other former sorority girls—they’re borderline illiterate but well connected.  Their pictures are always bright, carefree and obnoxious and they always maintain that they want their writing to speak for itself and not be influenced by their image.  Sure.

Come to think of it, FoundationCreative has more in common with reality T.V than it does to literature.  The artists who make love on canvas, and model in their spare time get written up in Vancouver Magazine with exclusive photos.  The writers discuss in detail their disdain for the war, how Buddhism has changed their lives and given them smaller pores and their discovery of the beautifying benefits of tantric sex.  I read an in-depth interview in the Headhunter.  The FoundationCreative roster is definitely news worthy and admittedly easy on the eyes.