And We’re Back: page 36

by beginningstoendings

Splakka splak pulls up to a stop, I think evilly of the drool in the slow people’s mouths heaving from the back of their throats to their teeth as the coach rocks forward.  I chuckle at my own uninhibited wit. Three people, a pretty pair of sisters and a generic man get on.  Girls sit in my immediate vision, man continues into my peripheral.  He sits beside me—like there aren’t any other seats.  Bastard!  Pervert!  My GOD!  Why don’t you just sit on my la…

“Hi Katherine.”  It’s the editor.  Lord DimensionApart has placed himself once again in my presence, and The Universe I believe, is mocking me.


“Very good but I said hello.”  It dawns on me that indeed he’s right.  This is the second instance in which I’ve said the wrong thing at the wrong time.  I feel like I might appear to fit in with the rest of the randoms on this bus and that I am making more and more of an ass of myself in front of this very powerful man (who for some reason is taking a bus and not a chauffer) the longer I wait to explain my lack of communication skills.  I think I told him I’m a writer—he’s not going to believe it.

“Yes as in hello.  How are you?”  He smiles, beautiful white, straight, shiny teeth making his somewhat ordinary face look immensely attractive.

“I’m good actually.  Thought I’d get out for some lunch and enjoy the weather.  What are you up to?”

“Sushi at Huricana.  And beer I think.”  My own calmness surprises me and I smooth the top of my dress over my legs.

“Yes.”  Now I’m confused.  Perhaps he’s mocking me.


“What you’ll say when I ask to join you.”  I smile wide, feeling a slight vibrating tingle behind my cheeks and forehead.

“Yes.”  He looks pleased, like a man who won a very small and useless prize.  Splakka splak rounds the corner and we get off—the two of us, The Celebrity and The Peanut.